Birthday Gift From The Unvierse

My birthday is on New Year’s Day, and it’s the time of year when I feel closest to the rest of the solar-calendar world in thought. Most people look back over the past year at this time, evaluate what they’ve accomplished, and set intentions for what’s to come next. As a Capricorn, I do that nearly all the time, with the critical voice of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, in my head.  Have I done enough, is the work worthy (that might be the voice of Pluto in Virgo in my 1st house), and how do I get to that next summit?

For many years, I’ve felt that I could get much more done if I only had more time, more energy, more money. I desperately wanted clones, or to be consciously living 12 incarnations at once, so I could get all the work done I want to do in this lifetime. I used to say it, “oh, if only I had 12 of myself, I could accomplish something real, something lasting and good.”

Over the past 1.5 years, I’ve been building a metaphysical community.  I met a man who runs a restaurant called Café Aquarius, who for some reason trusted me enough to use his building as the venue for a center we call the Café Aquarius Astrology Center, or the CAAC.  I had huge visions for this center, but found I had to start small, and grow it slowly. But grown it has done, and it’s now attracting many people. We have 10 readers, an amazing organizer/front desk wonderwoman, and myself.

Recently I was reading one of my staff’s monthly e-zine articles and suddenly came to a profound realization: I’d been given the 12 incarnations I’d always wanted. Instead of me doing all the work I’d meant to do—professional readings, blog and e-zine articles, workshops, lectures, teaching, studying, consulting—here are people of like mind, of even better talents, of wonderful spirit, doing that which I, on my own, never could get off the ground in the proper way. My wish for clones has been granted, but in a much, much better way than I had imagined.  12 of me would’ve gotten some stuff done, but not in the way that the CAAC angels are doing it. It’s so, so much better to have a tribe of wonderful people than 12 copies of oneself! All the different perspectives, talents, abilities, social networks, etc that they bring to the mix is amazing.

There have been so many lessons I’ve learned in building and running this center. Lessons about personal power, about (yet again) the fact that not everyone thinks exactly like I do, lessons about the joy of community, about knowing that the fulfillment of doing one’s work in the world has little to do with the money one earns, and lessons of patience and perseverance.  Also lessons about letting go, especially of control. I recently had some huge personal issues that kept me from attending a CAAC event, and voila! It went off just fine without me. The CAAC staff so enjoys being together, they are willing to put in time, energy, and effort to make our events happen, and to bring their services to the public.  And because I trust them so, to forward the vision of the center, to run events without me, we can now grow even more. We plan to have more events per month than I’ll be able to personally supervise, and they will happen in fine form, because my “spiritual family” is in charge.

What a wonderful, awesome, immensely blessed gift they all are! So this posting is a huge thank you, for the past year, for the lessons learned, for the growth and evolution of our center and its community. Most especially, this is a deep bow of gratitude for the knowledge that the Universe will give us what we want and need; we just have to recognize the form it takes when the gift arrives.

May you, too, find your wishes granted, your joys manifest, and your energies ready to achieve the New Year’s goals.  Happiest of holidays to everyone!

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About astronée

Renée is a professional astrologer. She has studied Astrology for 20 years, and is currently doing readings in person, via phone, and via Skype. She takes classes at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London when she can get there, and teaches her own basic Astrology classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the director of the Café Aquarius Astrology Center in Emeryville, CA, and the astrologer in The OptiMystics, a triple guidance reading partnership. Visit her website at
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3 Responses to Birthday Gift From The Unvierse

  1. alibliss says:

    Happy Impending Birthday, Renee! And congratulations on your huge accomplishment with 12 incarnations, creating a brilliantly talented and dedicated community. Ah you’ve given yourself that birthday gift, it appears!

  2. astronée says:

    Thanx, Allison! Feels more like the Universe giving me the gift, and that’s another gift in itself: having the experience of truly wanting something and having it come true gives me faith that we can get what we want. It’s a great new way to view the world!

  3. Very usefull Information. Thank you.

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