Hi, I’m Renée. I’m a professional astrologer, practicing what is known as Psychological Astrology. This is a branch of Astrology that is a fusion of archetypal Psychology and traditional, Western Astrology. For me, this is the model of the world that works the best. In addition to my education and experience in Astrology and Psychology, I have a deep passion for both the universals of humanity and their many variations in different cultures.  I am also trained in the art of Shin-Shin Toitsu Aikido, or Ki-Aidkio. This art has given me a deep sense of Ki, or energy, that all of us have and exchange in our interactions. Although you might not think of martial arts training as relevant to Astrology, it very much is for me, and I’ve named my business Oneness Astrology with Ki. Oneness comes from the universals of all mankind, Astrology is a model of humans and our world, and Ki is the energy currency we all use.  You can find the Oneness Astrology with Ki website at http://www.onenessastrologywithki.com. (I know, it’s long; you’ll probably want to make a bookmark for it.)

This blog captures my random thoughts, articles, bits of fiction, photos, illustrations, and other media that revolve around the topic of Astrology. Some of the thoughts you’ll see here are being worked into talks that I give to various organizations. My audiences are by no means limited to those with a deep knowledge of Astrology. In fact, much of what I try to do is show how Astrology can help with everyday life, even if you only know a little bit about the planets and their positions.

Please feel free to comment and contribute to discussions here, no matter how much you know of Astrology. Hopefully, we’ll all learn more as we chat about it.

And if you’re looking for a reading, for yourself or someone else, please either visit my website, or contact me at renee@emf.net.


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