New Light, New Projects

This post is an announcement of the new projects I have going on, most of which you are welcome to join and participate in, no matter where you are, and some of which are in brick & mortar (literally) locations.

If you’d told me a couple of months ago that I’d be working from dawn ‘til midnight on new Astrology projects, I would’ve wished that you were a true fortune teller, but I might not have believed you. Back then I couldn’t do anything but worry about who I was and where I might end up going.  Today I’m extremely thankful to be back where I’m most comfortable—working hard on things that I feel true passion for. It’s a joy, and one I want to share with everyone.

So here’s what’s happening:

Café Aquarius Astrology Center

1298 65th Street, Emeryville, CA

Poster for Café Aquarius Astrology Center in Emeryville, CA

This is the big new project I’m launching. I’ve always wanted a place where I could teach, have lectures, and bring astrologers together to do readings and to hang out together. My path happened to cross with Patrick Feehan, the owner of Café Aquarius in Emeryville, CA, USA. Patrick is an astrologer, but as with most restaurant owners, his life is taken up with his duties in the world of food. Still, he wanted to somehow make the café a resource for astrologers. When we met and realized that we had complimentary talents and assets, and the same desire to be a hub for the astrological community, we decided to work together. And so the Café Aquarius Astrology Center was born. You just can’t beat this combination for feeding your body and soul.

The vision is to have monthly events, in the evening hours, after the café is done with food service for the day:

Intro Nights “Tastes of Sweets & Soul”: if you’re interested in Astrology and/or other metaphysical disciplines, you can come in on the first Wednesday of each month (except in June 2011, which starts on the 2nd Wed) for a taste of the café’s delicious pastries and a very short session (just a taste) with the readers.  There will be astrologers of various flavors, such as Western, Psychological, Spiritual, Vedic, Chinese, etc. There will also be readers who use other metaphysical tools, such as Tarot, Hand Analysis, Handwriting Analysis, Dowsing, etc. A single price gets you tastes of the cosmos, and some cosmically awesome desserts. You can decide if you’d like to sign up for an actual reading with one or more of the readers next week on the Reading Night.

If you’re an astrologer/reader and would like the opportunity to meet potential clients, market your particular craft, and meet with other readers, then this event is for you, too!  We’ll be switching it up each month, so that different astrologers and readers can have a chance to participate.

Reading Nights: if you’d like to get a reading from one of our “resident” astrologers or other metaphysical readers, you can sign up for Reading nights. Each astrologer practices a particular kind of Astrology, and there are other metaphysical readers here, with tools such as Tarot, Hand Analysis, Handwriting Analysis, Dowsing, etc, so you have much to choose from.

If you’re an astrologer/reader and would like the opportunity to meet potential clients, market your particular craft, and meet with other readers, then this event is for you, too! We’ll be switching it up each month, so that different astrologers and readers can have a chance to participate.

Astrologer Community Nights: open to all astrologers, these meetings are to get together and discuss all kinds of astro things, such as how to run a successful business, how to help each other instead of competing, the ethics of certain situations astrologers often encounter, group chart meetings, study groups, etc.

Astrology Classes: if you’re interested in Astrology and would like to learn more, you can take classes in Psychological Astrology. Even if you already practice another form of the craft, learning about the fusion of Archetypal Psychology and modern Astrology can help expand your awareness and your ability to interpret charts. Beginning and intermediate classes will be offered.

Astrology Lectures: we’ll have talks on various astrological topics, so keep an eye out for our lecture nights. Open to anyone interested in Astrology.

The combination of Heavenly topics and Earthy delights in the form of the café’s desserts is something not to be missed. So come feed your curiosity and sense of community, as well as your mouth and body. It’s all good.

We ask that you join us on our MeetUp, and RSVP for any of the scheduled events that you’d like to attend. This will give us an idea of how many pastries to order. They are absolutely cosmic, and you don’t want to miss out on them, so do sign up in advance. You don’t have to pay until you come to the event, so signing up doesn’t cost you a thing.

If you don’t happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can still join the MeetUp and participate in discussions and the online community there.

The OptiMystics Triple Guidance Group

The OptiMystics: a triple guidance group

Another business I’m helping to build from the ground up is a partnership with two other metaphysical readers. Isabelle Choiniere-Correa is a deeply insightful, intuitive Tarot reader/numerologist. Sandra Edwards is a an extremely skilled, certified Hand Analyst.  We all three come together to give what we call “triple guidance readings.” Sandra interprets the lines in your hands and your fingerprints. Isabelle uses your birth date to compute your lifetime number and interprets the Tarot card symbols associated with that number. I, of course, interpret your natal astrological chart.

The fascinating thing is that the key facets of your life come through strongly in all three of our tools, so you get an instant idea of what is most important.  What Sandra sees in your hand as your life purpose will often be exactly the same as the card that Isabelle shows you and the part of your chart that I would choose to focus on.  These triple readings give you an incredibly deep dimension to the information you receive.

We do these readings in person and via Skype. (If you’re not within our current traveling distance, we will set you up to send Sandra your hand and fingerprints in advance.) We also do classes, events and retreats in powerful places all over the world. Please check out our FaceBook page, or contact us at

Astrology Classes

I will be teaching my beginning and intermediate Psychological Astrology courses at the Café Aquarius Astrology Center sometime this Summer.  I hope to be recording these courses and producing a complete online webinar out of them in the near future. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to participate in the classes and maybe even show up in the videos, please let me know of your interest, and RSVP through the MeetUp.  I will announce the availability of the videos and webinars when they are completed.

My Private Practice

Oneness Astrology With Ki: using the planets to find yourself

Although my calendar is filling up, I do still have openings for astrological chart readings at my private office. We can do these readings in person, via Skype, or on the phone. Please visit my website for a list of my services, fees, etc.

Written Horoscopes

If you are interested in receiving 12-sign written horoscopes for your website, newspaper, magazine or other publication, please contact me at for a job quote. I can provide daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.

If you are interested in receiving single-sign horoscopes for your personal use, or to send as a gift, please contact me at for a job quote. I can provide daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.

You can see why I’m working all day and night. And every single one of these projects is about Astrology. My prayers were answered, and I’m on exactly the right path. That feels so-o good.  Ahhhhh.

I do hope this sharing of my own journey through darkness and back up into the light has been helpful, or at least interesting. As with everything else, this blog is organic and flexible, and I don’t really know what the next posting will be. But it’s bound to be about Astrology, if nothing else.   🙂

About astronée

Renée is a professional astrologer. She has studied Astrology for 20 years, and is currently doing readings in person, via phone, and via Skype. She takes classes at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London when she can get there, and teaches her own basic Astrology classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the director of the Café Aquarius Astrology Center in Emeryville, CA, and the astrologer in The OptiMystics, a triple guidance reading partnership. Visit her website at
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7 Responses to New Light, New Projects

  1. hooray renee, so glad to see this launched! hugs, ali

  2. astronée says:

    Thanx, Ali! Y’all come to our Café Aquarius Astrology Center grand opening on the 8th of June at 7:00pm. It’s gonna be so fun, and tasty!

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  5. Blessings, that would be a brother or sister project for myself too! Every and Any way of making Astrology more normal in everyday culture and awareness is most important! Best wishes and hi from Mallorca, Spain.
    My site is
    You´ll notice I value freshness in sharing Astrology!

  6. Karine says:

    My brothеr recommended I would possibly like this wеbsіte.
    Нe was totally right. This publish actually made mу day.
    You can not believе sіmply how a lot time I hаd spent for thіs information!


    • astronée says:

      Thank you! This info is mostly from 2011 and 2012. I’m going to try to get back to keeping the blog more updated, and your comment has been part of the inspiration to do that!

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