Missing–Inaction: Transiting Saturn Square the Sun

This is a different kind of blog article than I usually post. For one thing, I haven’t posted in two months, so it’s something of an apology. I didn’t actually promise to write every week or every month, but I had meant to be a bit more consistent. For another thing, this article is mostly about me, which is not the way I usually write. Still, here goes.

I am not the type of person who can read or watch the news every day. I simply don’t have the psychic armor necessary to deal with watching man’s inhumanity to man, or with witnessing Nature’s lack of fairness as dramatized in the media. So I don’t want to be the type of astrologer who blogs only about current events, analyzing the news and seeing how what’s happening on Earth is reflected in the Heavens. I do exactly that at times; I think it’s important and useful information, but I don’t want it to be the only thing I write about.  I also don’t want to be the kind of astrologer who whines about my personal transits, and blames the planetary placements for my own mistakes and circumstances. A couple of months ago I read an article by an astrologer who said that the breakup of both his first and second marriages were because the outer planets were transiting his relationship houses, so neither he nor his wives could be faithful. Gak! That is NOT what Astrology is for—a convenient way to blame the planets for our lives, and the choices we make—no, no.  So, okay, so I’m pretty clear about what kind of astroblogger I don’t want to be; what kind do I want to be?

That, my friends, is a perfect question for someone undergoing a transit called “Saturn square the Sun”. The Sun in our charts is who we are, what parts of ourselves we identify with, our confidence and ability to stride forward on the path of our life.

Pendant depicting Helios, ancient Greek Sun god

Saturn is the great sensei of the sky, the teacher/taskmaster, the one with the big homework assignments and the big stick.

O-Sensei (Great Teacher), the founder of Aikdio

He can bring heaviness and blockages, feelings of inadequacy and doubt, but he rewards hard work and doing things properly.  The transit called a square (90º placement between the two planets) is one that brings tension and unease, in order to bring change and improvement. Saturn squares help us see what’s working and what isn’t, usually by showing us what isn’t.  So when Saturn squares our Sun, we doubt ourselves, we feel heavy and negative, and we wonder if we’re on the right path.

And that’s what’s been happening to me. I’ve been undergoing a Saturn square Sun transit, and all those questions have come to the forefront. Do I want to continue with my old way of life—the old career, the old patterns of relationships, the old ways of looking at myself? Which of those are working and which aren’t? This very blog is a sign of my new career, my new focus of my intense work energies. As you can tell from what I’ve said above, I’ve gotten some clarity on what I don’t want, and what isn’t working. But I was completely stuck as to what I do want, and what will work. I felt paralyzed, knowing the past would no longer work for me, but having absolutely zero idea about what the future would bring.

I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything—not work with clients, market my business, put my next class together, nor even write in this blog. I couldn’t write anything at all. I wandered around, wondering, when night fell, just where the day had gotten to. I’m a doing type of person. My days are usually filled to the brim with activities, lists of tasks, social interactions, and energy. There were areas of my life that definitely needed attention, and the spell of dazed inaction and paralysis I seemed to be under was only making those things worse. I knew that, and yet I couldn’t do anything about it. Somewhere in the back of my mind I began marking the symptoms of depression, noticing how many of them I was displaying. Fear and panic roiled just under the surface, and there were days when I had to just go hike in the hills until I was completely exhausted in order to keep a total freakout at bay.

Am I blaming Saturn squaring my Sun for this? No. I’m realizing that Astrology works, and that what is happening in the sky reflects what is happening in my life. As above, so below. I am recognizing the energies and making my own choices about what to do.  I’ve been advised by many people to write about this, to share it in order to help others know what it feels like, and how to get through it. Saturn takes 28 years to go around the Sun, so we all go through this transit multiple times in our lives (assuming a “normal” life span).  If you’re feeling this kind of heaviness, depression, doubt, anxiety, fear, etc, it could be that transiting Saturn in squaring your Sun. So what do you do about that?

The first thing to realize is that it happens to all of us at one time or another. Just knowing that, and seeing that others have survived it, can give you a little room to breathe easier. Secondly, while Saturn moves slowly, it does move. That means the square will not last forever. Depending on retrogrades and other things, within a year or two, things will ease up. And it won’t feel so hard and impossible every day that the square is in effect, either. Some days you’ll be able to carry on as normal, with the doubts and questions remaining mostly in the background. Other times the intensity will be right in your face, and you will have to deal with your issues. Life is always like that, but when Saturn is testing us we see it in more black & white tones. So go ahead, ask yourself the hard questions about your identity, about your path, about your goals. See what’s working for you and what isn’t. If you’ve realized that parts of your identity no longer fit, then be willing to let them go. Even if you have no idea of who you are going to become. That is one of the hardest things to do in life, but it’s necessary. And how often do you take time from your life to think about and do these things? Well, under a Saturn square Sun transit is definitely the time for it. It’s hard work, but it’s the work of life, of learning the lessons and moving up, notch by notch, on that great Wheel of Samsara. And that is just the kind of hard work that Saturn, god of Time and Karma, rewards.

Because one day, or little by little, you’ll notice that the energy is different. If you’ve done your homework, if you’ve faced your doubts and fears, if you’ve worked on who you were, who you are, and who you want to be, you’ll notice the change. Saturn does bring rewards, he does grant black belts for those who have passed the rank test. You’ll have insights into yourself, and maybe even a glimpse as to where you’re going. All the answers may not be there at once, but the heaviness begins to lift, and you’re able to make decisions about the next direction to take.  You may still encounter setbacks or obstacles, but you’re able to deal with them in a stronger, more confident fashion.

Many, many astrologers have written about Saturn transits, and about transiting Saturn square the Sun. I’m no expert. I’m just at the halfway point of my own experience of it, this time. But I finally got to the point of thinking that it might be helpful if I shared it with you. I sure hope it is, and that I’m not just the whining astroblogger I so wanted to avoid being.  (See, the doubts are still here somewhat.) Accordion Astrology is what’s happening—out from the cosmos, in to the individual life, then back out again. The song is playing. Time to get up and dance.

So please, keep checking this blog, because there are new things coming, things I began working on when the energies started to shift. Some of them are just about ready to be born, and with them you’ll see a bit of the new me, where my struggles with identity and path have lead. Just the fact that I made it through might inspire some of you, and hopefully my Sun of identity will shine through on its new path and show you how light returns after tough times.

About astronée

Renée is a professional astrologer. She has studied Astrology for 20 years, and is currently doing readings in person, via phone, and via Skype. She takes classes at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London when she can get there, and teaches her own basic Astrology classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the director of the Café Aquarius Astrology Center in Emeryville, CA, and the astrologer in The OptiMystics, a triple guidance reading partnership. Visit her website at OnenessAstrologyWithKi.com.
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41 Responses to Missing–Inaction: Transiting Saturn Square the Sun

  1. astronée says:

    Images in this post:
    1) Pendant of the ancient Greek sun god Helios, from http://www.greekhotel.com.
    2) O-Sensei, Great Teacher, the founder of Aikido, from http://www.japanese-martial-arts-guide.com.

  2. Jim Seymour says:

    Saturn, (now at 17 degrees 19 minutes of Libra) is just under one degree away from being exactly square my sun (at 18 degrees 18 minutes Capricorn) and I can already feel most of what you described in your wonderful blog! Very valuable post, and comforting too, as my career path is stuck, along with my self-esteem, confidence level, etc. I’ll incorporate the good advice as best I can. Thank you very much for such an accessible, down to earth blog. Great writing. 🙂

  3. astronée says:

    Thanx so much for your feedback, Jim. I’ve been very busy designing, opening, and running a small Astrology Center in the SF Bay Area, so I haven’t had time to write much lately. I’ll try to get back to it, though, since it seems like it’s helping. Thanx again, and keep doing your inner work. Saturn will reward you soon.

  4. I have just entered this aspect being a late capricorn….and i am feeling aprehensive to say the least……having just started a new career path which is going well it is dfficult to see how this will play out……just hanging onto my hat!…….nice reassuring words

    • astronée says:

      Thanx, Jayne. Just keep doing the hard work Saturn is asking of you, and you’ll reap your rewards. Saturn may be a strict teacher, but he’s fair and recognizes achievement. Best of luck to you in your new career!

  5. Alexandra says:

    Hi, Thanks so much for this blog. I am currently under a Saturn transit squaring my once vivacious Sun. Whew…! Thank you, thank you. At least i know that all the darkness is not just me.

  6. astronée says:

    No Alexandra, it’s not just you. That darkness comes to us all, and for all of us, it gradually lightens. Here’s hoping you get back to your bright, vivacious self soon, with all kinds of new insights and directions!

  7. Mark says:

    Thank you so much for the words that give me a stronger view of what is happening in my world. I am Capricorn that is very sensitive to changes that go on and have noticed so very interesting tests that have been presented to me. I recentely lost my job that I was at for over 10 years which I gave my heart to and now it is closed. People all around me have been getting new jobs very quickly and I feel like I am being pushed to the back row as it is not my turn yet. As all of the changes were going on I was shopping the other day and out of no where this guy came up to me while I was with my girlfriend and her daughter in the store and began to challenge me to a fight, sort of like a dark angel attacking me. I stood my ground even in this difficult time and felt as though someone or something was testing my courage. I sometimes look at things in a different way and let this pass as a FLAG in my life.

    I have created a very unique Cartoon and story about our Planet that I have had passion for for years and want to have it in the public eye. I believe that this will be a movie one day soon.

    Thank you again


    • astronée says:

      Yes, Mark, it can be very painful when we lose jobs or relationships that we’ve identified with so much, but often it’s for our own evolution that these things happen. Maybe after 10 years it was your time to re-examine who you are and what you do with your life, and where your energy should be directed. With Saturn squaring your Sun and Pluto in your sign, dark forces may indeed appear, but you needn’t always stand your ground. Sometimes, power comes from allowing bad energy to pass you by. I studied Ki-Aikido for many years, and we often heard stories of warriors who ended up becoming friends because one of them allowed the other to project bad energy, and stood aside to let it pass. The best thing, IMHO, is to work from a calm and centered place, and interpret what’s needed in the moment.

      It sounds like your creativity has been heightened as well, which is a wonderful way to go through the intensity of having Pluto near your Sun. Allowing one’s subconscious to express itself is very helpful in examining the depths of your soul, which is what Saturn squaring one’s Sun and Pluto coming near it both want. Keep at it, Mark, and the best of luck to you!

  8. Jade Sannicola says:

    Hi People…i’m a Cappie, too & man oh man. Saturn has not only been squaring my Sun- apparently in & out of retro since last Nov (according to an astrologer), but Saturn has also been transiting through my 12th house- in & out of retro since Nov of 10. Health issues, big time. Usually, i am able to manage my symptomss, but I have been physically out of whack since last July. It really kicked in last month. I thought i would die. Apparently, the square will be over some time this summer for me and the 12th house transit next Feb. I didn’t talk with the astro guy for long, since i wasn’t in a position to pay him, but at least wanted to get the gist of what’s been happening. He said i’m not going to croak (although sometimes i wish i would) & that this is a test of my stamina- ugg. He said all this is OLD STUFF. I guess so, since I finally got a diagnosis after 15+ yrs of testing & searching. Wish me luck and best to all of you. Thank you for this blog.

    • astronée says:

      The 12th house is the one of rebirth, and sometimes our karma (Saturn is the god of Time and Karma) has us deal with a difficult gestation and labor of coming into our new self. When Saturn comes near and then crosses your Ascendant into your first house, you will be a different person. Jade, even in this intensely hard time, you can do what Saturn is asking of you. You can do what infants do just before they’re born: absorb all the good you can from your environment. The 12th house of Pisces is a spiritual place in your chart, and you can use this connection to the Divine to let go of past issues, and to bring into your new self the best of the Heavens. Most of us deal with daily things that are nowhere near the level at which you are working now, and you will be back to that soon, too, but for now, know that you are working with things from a karmic perspective. It sounds like you have passed through the worst of it, and that you will, just as an infant does, come into your strength, power, and identity as Saturn leans down to hold your hands while you learn to walk in your new self. Sending you good energy and the belief that Saturn, stern as he is, is a great parent to one’s newly born, evolved being.

  9. Jade Sannicola says:

    @astronee…thank you so much for the reply. How kind of you! I could relate to so much of what you said and hope that others with “Saturn issues” who read this thread will benefit as well. As harsh as this time is for me, there is definitely some unexpected spiritual progress taking place here lately. I have been aware that Saturn has a lot to do with kharma & i was told by my astro-guy that this is indeed the case for me. He also hipped me to the last (and first) time this particular transit took place & asked me to think back. I knew the time frame instantly, because it had been on my mind lately on account of the similarities. I was in high school. The events that had transpired were unbelievable to me then too, to the point where i was ready to walk out into the middle of traffic. It just went on & on… for various reasons, I chose not to end my life and as soon as Saturn crossed over into my ascendant, I surely was a new person with a new colorful life, just as you mentioned above. Thank you so much again for your generosity of spirit and for this blog. Peace.

  10. Lynne says:

    Dear Renee —

    You are wonderful ! Thank you so much. As a dilettante astrologer myself, was aware of much of what you wrote but — misery loves company (giggle).

    Inert by nature (Jupiter square everything and Uranus square Saturn) the current 2 1/2 year square to my 5 planets rising in Cancer, and upcoming square to Leo Sun, seem like an endless pit, helped by the realization that it’s all happened before and — here I am.

    Love your blog, your insights and your humility.

    In companionship —


    • astronée says:

      Thanx for your kind words, Lynn. BTW, despite the fact that a Jupiter square is a square, I’ve always seen it manifest in positive ways. Jupiter squares usually bring good things and fun times, only with the capacity to turn difficult if not paid attention to. Kind of like a kid running & playing so loudly that everyone around gets angry. Just a little bit of consciousness can keep those Jupiter squares in the happy part of the spectrum. So if you have Jupiter squaring everything else in your chart, you’re probably a pretty lucky person. And with a Leo Sun, too, life could be looked at with a sunny viewpoint. Saturn squares can definitely dim this down for a while, and Saturn on your Sun can make you stop to see what’s working and what isn’t. Maybe part of what’s not working is the way you’ve dealt with your Jupiter squares, believing they block you (you used the words “inert by nature”). You might want to try reading up on Jupiter squares, which may give you a very different way of looking at the cosmos, and yourself. Jupiter is about beliefs, and if part of your new identity involves new beliefs about your chart and how you manifest it, life could very well change for the better. Hope so!

      • Lynne says:

        See — you’ve just proven al my original perceptions (Cancer Moon on Asc. sextile Neptune in Virgo).

        As you’ve indicated, my life could be charmed and always has been. Best possible Karma. — Only inertia ! And now, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto (latter overlooked in my original posting. How optimistic .- giggle)

        And this, too, shall pass. (Meanwhile, I’ve acquired a new friend — even with Pluto on the cusp of the 7th. — You !)

        Happy weekend, dear Renee.

        In companionship —


  11. LM says:

    Save your energy !

  12. Rashel1967 says:

    Going through one myself. I have been studying astrology for a few years as a hobby, but now I’m making serious efforts to really study. What I noticed was problems with people in authority, or those that think they have authority. Now that I know that Saturn rewards hard work then I will try to sail through this aspect. Feels crappy. now I know why people fear Saturn. For me this caused external problems with a very nasty individual (Saturn in Scorpio), to spread horrible rumors about me (Saturn in 12th House), and attempts to frame me with authority figures (Saturn square Natal Sun). In my case Saturn just recently entered the 12th house. Back in May 2013, I found out who was who when false friends show their true colors (Saturn transits 11th house). Saturn is kicking my rear, but I’m a survivor.

    • astronée says:

      Saturn going through your 12th house is like a gestation for a new you. It’s making you look at who you are and what your work in the world is about, and if you’re doing it right. When Saturn enters your 1st house in about 2 years (if he’s recently entered your 12th), you’ll be reborn as a more mature and evolved person. So take the time to continue your hard work, Marisol, and you’ll find that your rewards will be amazing: you’ll have a whole new structure to your being. And kudos to you for continuing on!

  13. hetiara says:

    Aug 7 62 Your sharing this transit is still helping others. Thank you, here I still stifled in my square and wondering what I can do when the Sun opposes my saturn in Aquar? The double wammy. So I;ve bookmarked your words to review and remind me It will be OK and my mind will adapt anew even tho It feels like an allusion. Nept opp my pluto. Will uranus opp my sun blindside me? I’ll read it again…and again….till I come out the other side bc I have to believe I can and you did. Hiking is also my best recourse along with drawing mandalas. Draw and draw till my hand stops shaking and my strokes are smooth and flow. I’m saving what I’ve created to look back at how far I’ve come already. Change can be good. Truly change can be a blessing. Thank you again and many blessings to you!

    • astronée says:

      Thank you for your support, and best of luck to you going through this transit. Really, doing the hard work and surrendering to let go of what no longer serves you actually does help. Uranus opposing your Sun will definitely energize you to move out of your old comfort zone and leave behind stuff (even relationships) that you used to feel you needed just to survive and be who you are. But who you are is changing, and your dependency on previously cherished things will also be changing. Let it happen, but be conscious of what’s happening. Even try to enjoy the first steps in your new world. Blessings to you, too, hetiara!

  14. abcd says:

    Having gone through my Saturn return and transiting Saturn square my Moon at the same time, I’ve been freaking out a little knowing Saturn has just started squaring my Sun a year and a half later. I worked those transits super hard and super well- through hell and back. A part of me is scared to have Saturn back and playing a big role in my life again. Another part of me knows just what to do. It’s time to get back on the grind. Jupiter in Virgo is bringing blessings to my sun which felt so good. I’m a bit sad to feel the heaviness seep back in, and yet I also know that it’s all part of Saturn’s plan. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your article helped me reach a more balanced state for the time being. Thank you for sharing!

    • astronée says:

      Really great that you know what to do with Saturn transits now! I think that’s how Astrology really helps folks: you learn about your energies–how they are activated, what part of your life they’re triggered in, and how to honor them and move them towards the positive part of the energetic spectrum. Once you know that, it’s easier to to live your life. And, on top of that, you become aware that everyone has both gifts and challenges. Compassion for others grows, because you know what it’s like to deal with tough transits, and you can understand when others are going through them. I’m glad my blog helped you know that transits are temporary, and that great lessons can come from going through them.

  15. astronée says:

    Funny you should say that. I’m going through some very difficult transits: Pluto conjunct my Sun (he’s finally past it, but still in orb), Chiron square my Saturn, and Neptune square my Mars. It’s been a very tough few years, and I haven’t written a blog in forever. But I might try to soon, as your comments brought me back to how people seem to like my approach to Astrology. So thanks!

    • abcd says:

      Well with those transits, especially Pluto conj your sun, it sure would be interesting for you and also your readers to see how you are now (or should I say who you are now) after going through so much. As a fellow astrologer and as someone who will also eventually write on astrological topics, it would be great to continue to receive your insights. Neptune is currently squaring my Uranus and will soon square my Mars (Uranus and Mars are conj in my chart). You’re going through that transit and I’m sure there is much to say about it.

  16. Maeve says:

    Good blog, but what’s wrong with a little whining? Are you an aries?

  17. CrisLondon says:


    Thank you so much for having written this piece on transiting saturn squaring natal sun. Especially as you were going through it!!

    I had the first two hits in March and late April this year.

    During the first hit I was working really hard and was patient with some of the pressing struggles I encountered in one of my freelance contracts. Didn’t notice the first saturn square sun hit.

    The retrograde hit (retrograde hits/transits do impact me harder, I notice) was particularly hard and I felt extremely depressed, depleted, like at 30% of myself.

    The third and last transiting square to my sun is approaching and again, I am encountering strong struggles in some of my freelance work. Very related to those encountered during the first hit. I was wondering, do I continue to work hard, even harder at these blocks and struggles, or do I do this yet remain within my integrity and boundaries?

    I have been reading some blog entries online and yours has been one of the most framing reads, so thank you so much. Reading this piece has helped me rest assured that if the struggles end up requiring my compromising myself too much (if a consensus and common ground in my work cannot be reached constructively), I will have to cut some losses and move on to do the kind of work that works, tried and tested, and that has integrity.

    Saturn is transiting my second house of earned income and my sun rules my MC so quite important career-related matters. Seven years ago I struggled with some matters and did as much work as possible. Some of these personal self-beliefs and matters are impacting me now again so a good and timely challenge to tackle.

    Thanks for he support offered via your writing.

    • astronée says:

      Thanks, Cris, for your kind reviews and for sharing your info. I, over the past 5 years, have gone through a transiting Pluto conjunct my Sun phase, and oh, my, it was extremely rough. And strangely, the retrograde, which made it last so, so long, also brought up new, awful issues at the final exact position of the transit. I tried very hard to go back over what had happened on the first conjunction, and see if I had learned my lessons, honored Pluto’s energy, and transformed my own sense of myself. I thought I had, but the god of depth and darkness had more for me to deal with. However, finally, it is nearly done. Pluto will never in my lifetime be exactly conjunct my Sun again, and I am moving into a lighter, happier phase.

      I believe that even with the hardest transits, knowing about Astrology, and doing your best to learn about yourself, the world, and the higher perspective of your Spirit can definitely help. Also, and this is what really saved me through the rough times, knowing that these transits are temporary, and that they will move into a more positive position over time, helps you get through them.

      As to your question, think hard about your own, natal Saturn energy. How does it work in your chart, especially does it have a relationship with your natal Sun? If you already have hard working, caution, and perseverance, see if you can figure out how to use that natal energy to handle what needs to be done. Honor Saturn, but let him know that you don’t want to be too stubborn, too risk-avoiding, too exhausted, too depressed. Best thing (at least it was for me): come up with a large, complex task of something you love to do, and put a lot of that ability to modularize, step-by-step planning energy into it. If that’s about your career, then go for it, as long as you enjoy working on it. If it’s different, about your true work in the world, then go for that. You’ll find that the career stuff will just turn into a day-job for you, and you’ll be able to not only do that, but to also work on your other project. Anyway, that’s my idea, given what you’ve shared. I hope it goes well for you, and that you share with us some wonderful story when you’ve been through the abyss, crawled back up, and are back on your feet at the higher part of your life. Best wishes!

  18. san ja says:

    Here I am, too… thank you for this article, it is so helpful, knowing the reason.

    • astronée says:

      Knowing the reason, and knowing the energy of the transits, you can then know what work to do and how to honor the planets. Honoring them is important, but getting them to work towards the more positive side of their spectrum is also what needs doing. Hopefully you will do your work, learn your lessons, and get Saturn to bring the positive rewards for all you’ve done.

  19. Malo Merkin says:

    Thanks so much for this article! It’s the most excellent, helpful insight i’ve come across! Spot on!

    I’ve currently got transiting Saturn in 12th house, exactly square my natal Sun.
    Progressed Moon is about to conjunct my natal Sun

    My natal Sun in 4th Pisces is in a 1’00 trine with natal Saturn in 7th / 8th Cancer.
    Capricorn rising, but stationary Neptune in 12th exactly square Moon / MC, & 3 personal planets in Pisces makes me a very odd & very strong blend of Saturn & Neptune energies by nature….

    I’ve had a lifelong wrangle with depression. This transit of Saturn in 12th house has bought up dealing with serious depression again for me. It’s also triggered serious but nebulous health issues [sudden allergies, extreme fatigue, asthma, as well as depression]. It’s been a challenge to function on the most basic levels the last two years, which as a very practical goal -oriented doer [like you] has driven me absolutely nuts.
    Right now, with Saturn exactly square my Sun, i’m feeling highly motivated to stop drinking once & for all, and to take charge of the underlying triggers for my depression.
    I’m starting to suspect i might need to somehow re-programme negative thinking as well [natal Saturn in a 1’00 square to natal Jupiter]

    • astronée says:

      Saturn can be very negative and depressing, especially with a lot of Pisces energy involved. The best thing, I think, is to use both of their powers towards a more positive space. Pisces energy often feels loss and grief, Saturn energy often feels that things aren’t working properly and that you’re not where you should be. But, Pisces also connects with spirit energy, inspiration, and amazing perspectives. Saturn also figures out how to do the work that needs to be done, with each module of the plan, and each step within the modules. So honor their positive energies and use them to make your life better. Best of luck for ya!

    • Juli says:

      thanks for this. how is it goin, now?

      I thought my old ways (depression) were creeping back. Ive had a lifelong tango with depression.. Also have decided to stop smoking for good.

      • astronée says:

        Malo, Saturn is now just past my Sun and on my Mercury. So depression and negative thinking is definitely happening. This is 7 years later. And, I also have Pluto on my Sun now. But in between the Saturn square Sun transit and the Saturn conjunct Sun transit, life was a bit better. I had a new business, which everyone loved the events of, and it lasted 3 years. I also started one of my best day jobs back then. Life felt much better.

        It’s great to stop smoking. It’s good to work on your psychological thought processes, see what can make you happier and able to work harder. May this year feel much better for you!

  20. QSUSA says:

    Great article.

  21. Juli says:

    Just got fired. Opened a business and am STILL working on my bachelors degree. Seems like Saturn hates a gal like me it’s always making me uncomfortable.

    Now, I’m just ready to confront Saturn; Name and address please? lol. Thanks for your share.

    sun in Gemini btw

    • astronée says:

      That’s the way it can feel during a Saturn square your Sun transit, for sure. But I personally don’t think confronting Saturn will work. I think it’s best to ask him what the new goals should be, what’s the work to do to get them accomplished. Saturn really does award hard work, so if you do it, your life will be better.

      Gemini Sun folks like to study a bunch of different things, connect with people who do this and that, etc. Going deeper down into a subject (especially at the end of your BA degree) can be a bit tougher. Keep at it, work hard on learning all about it, and you’ll get your degree. That will feel great!

  22. Amanda says:

    Nice article and very welcome insights. I have a loose square between my natal Sun in Aries at 24 degrees (2nd house), and Saturn in Capricorn in 11th at 18 degrees. Living with a natal square of Saturn and my Sun has been excrutiatingly tough, along with the rest of my template, but I am now approaching my second Saturn return over this next year and looking back in reflective mode. I can see so clearly the relationship between us (my Sun and Saturn), as if my being has been tested forever to know who I am in relation to others, my values, and valuing myself as my greatest resource. In my friendship groups and in working situations, how I felt I had no authority; that everyone knew better than me and was more proficient, and somehow better than me, knew more, expressed themselves better; everything to do with self esteem issues. During my first Saturn return I met, married and got pregnant with my first child and moved countries! Life was nothing like it had been. Now, I approach my second Saturn return from a completely different perspective. I have lost my resentment of the relentless Saturn ‘you will surrender your Will (Aries), to the greater good of what life wants for you’. I call it ‘befriending Saturn’ at last. And, the amazing thing is, that I am beginning life completely anew, starting over in every way from within and without; at the beginning of living truly in my own authority from a place of relationship with Saturn based on respect mutually, and a warrior’s heart to begin again.

    All the best with the blog and thank you.

    • astronée says:

      Wow, great that you’re being able to honor both energies in their more positive ends. That’s exactly what I try to do with readings–let folks know that while an Aries Sun square Saturn in Capricorn can be hard early (Capricorn Sun folks mature a bit slower) the more you know about the positive side, the better. For instance, Saturn is so happy and comfortable in Capricorn. So the realm of the chart house that’s in will have lots of goals that are done well, and will be a leading part of life. The Sun in Aries can be very helpful to those it loves, and if you can honor it’s intense energy by working on those Saturn goals, life can get great. You’ll be a leader, a person who gets a million things done; not just daily errands, but life goals. The earlier you know about this, the easier it will be to head towards the better life.

      Also, I do a lot of readings for folks about their children. It’s good to know how you are different than your kid, and to understand who they are. And it’s good to be able to teach them early about how to work towards their positive side of their planets’ energies.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing your experience of this transit, I’m going through the same thing, questioning why I’m doing things (creating artwork) even though the works are successful (getting lots of love on Instagram) when I’m not enjoying the process of making (hours of intense hand stitch) and whether all this art making is a reflection of deeper issues that need addressing (a desperate need for public recognition because my internal critic says I’m a failure). This overworking got to such a pitch that I had intense burn out ( Saturn will have squared my natal sun three times this year thanks to the retrograde) that I couldn’t face participating in an exhibition that I had prepared for over the previous six months. Instead I spent a month alone and wandering on Welsh beaches wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life. I’ve resisted the urge to burn all of my work. I’ve rested and now stirrings of creativity are happening but I have this fear of engaging in the creative process. Something needs to change but I’m not sure what. I’m becoming more isolated but maybe this is a point of really addressing some deeper issues than using manic art making to avoid them. Maybe that’s the place where the creative gold is, by drilling down even further. Transit Venus in Scorpio in my 2nd house is trining my 10th house North Node in Cancer and Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces in my 6th. Writing is a possibility, I also have a blog (if you or anyone else has time to check it out and give feedback on my process that would be amazing, Snakewomangirl.com)
    And again, your post was so helpful x

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