12th Advent post – Pisces time in 2011 (18 February – 19 March)

Today we’ll talk about Pisces time in 2011, which starts on 18 February and lasts until 19 March. This post is about the astrological events happening during Pisces 2011, and is for everyone, not just for folks born under the sign of Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It’s the culmination of the evolution that started back in Aries, all the way from self and impatience to connection and interest in otherworldly things.  Pisces energy is diffuse, ethereal, and boundless. It’s the energy of understanding, at a deep, emotional level, that we are all connected—everything on Earth, everything in the Heavens, and the Underworld. We are all but fingers on the hands of God; our separateness is an illusion. Inspiration comes into this world from that place of connection, so Pisces is our doorway to creativity. As with all the other signs, Pisces has its challenges, too. The desire to be completely absorbed into the collective leaves no room for corporeal matters, so Pisces can be spacey and (ironically) unconnected from the world of incarnation in bodies, of having to take care of details like paying bills and making plans.  As always, there is an entire spectrum between the extremes.

Pisces Christmas Card

On the very day that the Sun will enter Pisces, 18 February, 2011, we will have a Full Moon in Leo. The firey Leo Moon can be drowned by all the Pisces emotions, or it can go into high drama mode. Watch out for loved ones freaking out, and try to remember that you, too, are connected.

On 22 February, Mars will enter Pisces. Mars does not like to be in Pisces. He’s emasculated here; his firey will and drive are smothered with damp fog, and he just can’t seem to make the steam he’d like to.  Everything is too diffuse, there’s no leverage from which to jump off.  This will not be a good time to start any new projects, and even finishing ones that are already under way may seem quite challenging.

Three days later, on 25 February, Jupiter in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn.  The two brother gods, both kings in their own rights, will have an argument in the sky. Jupiter in Aries wants to just go, go, go, forget details, forget plans, let’s just do something!  Pluto in Capricorn says “whoa—we have to plan here, we have to make sure this is going to work.” Neither one wants to give the other authority, and at this time, neither one will be able to value the other’s opinion.  A very tense time indeed.  Or…it could go the other way. Capricorn’s steadiness could bring Jupiter down to Earth a bit, and the Aries energy could ensure that Pluto’s ambitions to transform things actually manifest as actions. It could. But either way, I think it will be a time to take a lot of deep breaths, to get as much done as possible but not too much, and to remember that planning and organizing is actually getting something done.

On the first of March, Venus will enter Aquarius.  She’ll be back in the sign of intellect and socializing, so get together with people to talk about new ideas. Networking and activism of all kind is good when Venus is in Aquarius.  On 4 March a New Moon in Pisces can begin a monthly cycle of creativity and inspiration.  When Mercury enters Aries a few days later on the 10th,  the talk will be of competitions and contests (hopefully of the athletic kind and not warfare).

On March 11, Uranus will enter Aires. Uranus stays between 7-8 years in a sign, so his moving in to Aries is a huge deal. The planet of rebellion, thinking outside the box, disruption, revolution, genius, and invention could be very happy in Aries.  The quickness of Aries appeals to Uranus, the whole jumping forward and worrying about consequences later works just fine. Aries is about bravery and courage, and Uranus is about rebelling against the status quo, which often takes a lot of courage to do. But there are fundamental differences in the viewpoint of Uranus, who looks down from 40,000 ft to see what’s necessary for the group, and Aries, which is individually inclined. For the next 8 years, we need to remember that jumping into a revolution just to overthrow the old, without having a plan for the new, may not work out as we hope. With Pluto in Capricorn helping to show us which old, long-standing institutions are rotten and need to come down, Uranus in Aries could give us the energy to rebuild our world in a way we’ve never done before.  Jupiter will also be in Aries, making everything that happens that much bigger. So let’s also remember the Pisces energy of connection, the Libra energy of diplomacy, fairness, and equality, in order to get the best out of this transit.

On the 19th of March we will have Full Moon in Virgo, which could lead to too much criticism, too much worry, and too much desire for perfection. It will be a time to let things slide a little, and deliberately look for the good in things, and in people, around us.

The whole first quarter of 2011 is filled with planets and asteroids changing signs. That means that many planets will be in the very first degrees of a sign, where they are just beginning to learn the lessons of that sign, just beginning to understand how to savor the flavor of their new, temporary homes. All this brings a childlike awe and wonder to our world, where every experience is new, and where we need to find the best way to express the archetypal energies represented by our co-creating brother planets in the sky. The planets do not compel us; we have the freedom to make of their energies what we want. Let’s remember to focus on the positive parts of the spectrum of energy each sign brings us, and use our knowledge of Astrology to help us on that path.

About astronée

Renée is a professional astrologer. She has studied Astrology for 20 years, and is currently doing readings in person, via phone, and via Skype. She takes classes at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London when she can get there, and teaches her own basic Astrology classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the director of the Café Aquarius Astrology Center in Emeryville, CA, and the astrologer in The OptiMystics, a triple guidance reading partnership. Visit her website at OnenessAstrologyWithKi.com.
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  1. astronée says:

    People have asked about the Christmas card in this post. I designed and created this set of Christmas cards. The large, round ornament is a NASA picture of the planet that rules the sign (this is Neptune, because Neptune rules Pisces). The smaller ornament on the right is the glyph (letter) that represents the sign in astrological charts (this one is the glyph that looks like two fishes swimming in opposite directions). The smaller ornament on the left is a representation of the major symbol of the sign, usually taken from a map of the constellation. (This one is from an image of Pisces.)

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