9th Advent post – Sagittarius time in 2011 (21 November – 22 December)

Today’s post is about 22 November to 21 December, 2011. This is the time the Sun will be in Sagittarius next year.  This post explains a bit about what will be happening then, and is good for every one, not just folks born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the sign in which Autumn ends and Winter begins in the Northern Hemisphere, and when Spring ends and Summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere. In either place, there is the energy of endings and beginnings. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, king of the gods of the Olympian Heavens. Light, jolly, lusty for life, Sagittarius is always seeking meaning. The symbol of the centaur pointing his arrow into the future is perfect. People with lots of Sagittarian energy are often jumping from one thing to another, almost like Aries folks, but with more of a “oh, this is what life is really about” kind of mentality.  The next philosophy, the next fad, the next diet—Sagittarius will be looking forward, to find it, to embrace it, and to move on.

Sagittarius Christmas Card

The Sun will enter Sagittarius on 22 November. Thanksgiving week (in the US) will be quite busy.  On 24 November, Mercury will station retrograde for the last time in 2011.  If you plan to travel for the holidays, be sure to book your trip well before this week, and do pay extra attention to all the details of the holiday special offers. Bring a good book with you; there may be some delays. On that same day there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses can be disruptive—the light goes out, the clarity is lost. When this happens in Sagittarius, it can be anything from our vision of the future to our very faith that has its moments of darkness. But the shadow of the Moon will pass over the Sun and then be gone. The light will return and we will rejoice in true Sagittarian style.

On 26 November, Venus will enter Capricorn. Here Venus is earthy and practical, but with a leadership and ambitious bent to her activities. Relationships may not feel as light and breezy as they did when Venus was in Sagittarius. Now the interactions between people take on weight and importance. Values are brought forward, with responsibility and the desire to build lasting structures showing in all relationships.

There will be a quiet week after that, and then on 6 December Jupiter in Taurus will smile and wave at Chiron in Pisces. This sextile aspect is positive; both planets are glad to recognize and connect briefly with one another. Chiron in Pisces is all about connection anyway, so when the king of the gods smiles upon him, he’s quite happy. For his part, Jupiter in Taurus is quite down-to-Earth with his visions and philosophies. So engaging with Chiron, the god who reminds us that life does involve suffering, ends up being healing rather than frightening. This is a good day to kiss and make up, to forgive and forget, to know that the pains of life are what temper our characters and bring wisdom.

That same week, on the 11th of December, Uranus will station direct in Aries. We’re sure to feel the genius planet when his thoughts and energies turn forward again. We’ve had a while of re-evaluating the revolution, of re-inventing the boxes from which we think. Now it will be time to move forward with all that new energy. We want to solve those problems, get stuff done, and be clever about it, too.   The very next day, on 12 December, there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. I wonder if our communication networks will go haywire temporarily? Another Wikileaks attack on unscrupulous sensors? Possibly wireless snafus? We’ll see. Whatever happens (and even if nothing spectacular does), we’ll be able to see the larger picture, laugh it off, and continue looking toward the future, as the upfull energy of Sagittarius won’t let us dwell in nasty little details for too long.

Mercury will station direct again on the 13th of December, and I’m thinking all those snafus will calm themselves down and we’ll be back in the holiday groove.  One week later, Venus will enter Aquarius, where she likes to discuss new ideas and buy outrageous new clothes.  And that will be it for Sagittarius in 2011.

About astronée

Renée is a professional astrologer. She has studied Astrology for 20 years, and is currently doing readings in person, via phone, and via Skype. She takes classes at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London when she can get there, and teaches her own basic Astrology classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the director of the Café Aquarius Astrology Center in Emeryville, CA, and the astrologer in The OptiMystics, a triple guidance reading partnership. Visit her website at OnenessAstrologyWithKi.com.
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3 Responses to 9th Advent post – Sagittarius time in 2011 (21 November – 22 December)

  1. astronée says:

    People have asked about the Christmas card in this post. I designed and created this set of Christmas cards. The large, round ornament is a NASA picture of the planet that rules the sign (this is Jupiter, because Jupiter rules Sagittarius). The smaller ornament on the right is the glyph (letter) that represents the sign in astrological charts (this one is the glyph that looks like the arrow flying into the future). The smaller ornament on the left is a representation of the major symbol of the sign, usually taken from a map of the constellation. (This one is from a painting of Sagittarius.)

  2. Hi Renee;
    Enjoying your annual readings for 2011! Heard on radio this is first time in 500 years when we’ve had a lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. That must have some kind of meaning in astrology, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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